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Issue with google analytics data

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I have created a website (www.votations.info) that only touches to swiss politics locally through wix.com. For a fact, I know it has many success in Switzerland. However, when I go check in the google analytics, I am told there are only russian visitors, to be exact, visitors from the cities of Samara and Moscow.

Could someone please explain how come since end of last year, there are no more diversity?


I have contacted the wix.com team and they are focused on saying the issue is with Google analytics and not with them.


Let me explain, I have made sure to censure any weird recognised cookies origin. Now, it is said that there is no visite of my website (see picture below).


This is an incorrect and tampered results as :

1) Based on Google Analytics, I only have russians who visit my website.

2) Only 20 people supposedly visited the website on 4th of February.

3) The rebound level is 50% and above.


Now, you may not think that this is weird and maybe only russians are interested in the website www.votations.info. However, this is a false conclusion :

1) The website is in French.

2) It is focused on Swiss politics.

3) I have few media and institutions that have put links and visited my website. They are each based in Switzerland - a traffic that is non existant based on Google analytics. I have no relations with any russian based organisation.

4) On Facebook, I have reached an audience of 50'000 people from Switzerland. On Twitter, I have reached 10'000 people in February from Switzerland but on this website only 20 people and they are all from Russia. To be clear, I have reached 530'000 people in Switzerland in 2014 and 0 from Russia. So how come, I am no more finding any swiss traffic to my website?


Please let me know what we can do as I need to know what traffic?


Thanks for your help!

Re : Issue with google analytics data

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Hey Pierce,

Please post your question on English Community: www.en.adwords-community.com
Natalia K

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