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Track Application Installation on Android with 3rd Party Tracking

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we have an app installation campaign with a "Tracking Template" configured. 
Issue is that when users click on the ad they go directly to the final url 
instead of hit the "tracking template" url first and then be redirected to 
the store. 
This has been confirmed with Fiddler. 

Therefore the 3rs party tracking solution we use- is not able track 
and attribute and installation/click couple. 
For the avoidance of doubt the "auto-tragging" is enable on our account and 
the 3rd party tracking passes though any other paramters passed in the url which 
means including Google Adwords referred paramters. 

Has anyone experienced such an issue?

Thanks in advance.



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Re : Track Application Installation on Android with 3rd Party Tracking

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Hi Pierre,


You are on the french community, I invite you to post your question on the english one :




Best regards,

Cédric Duma - chef de projet SEA chez Reflet communication - Certifié AdWords

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